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Prototype Viks GT

You might have already seen our Viks GT in aluminium. What you are looking at is a stainless steel prototype of Viks Gran Turismo that was treated with Verde Ithaca wet paint by us and built up into fixed gear bike by Dutch Velowland. The bike was first shown to the public at Bike MOTION Benelux in October 2016.

Steel that has been used is the same as for famous curvy Viks frameset. The bike is complimented with Gates Carbon belt drive system, handmade Walker Brothers tubular wheels (88mm in front and track disc in back) and handmade leather grips in combo with Fizik seat that has covered with the same leather.

It is your choice whether to have your Viks GT made from stainless steel or aluminium alloy. Steel makes it possible to play more with surface (imagine Viks RAW in GT mode), and the bike feels more rigid.  Aluminium alloy weights much less and this makes it faster and sharper when riding. 

See the photos and read the whole story here.