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Viks GT RAW Edition – bike No 300

Original Viks RAW (see the round curved one from another slide) was our first true collaboration project with a London based creative collective artisan werks (seat and seatpost from the bike we are talking about now, is from the same company too). That bike has remained as one of our top sellers until now. Concept of a raw shows you the art of handicraft and discloses how Viks  frames are really built because all the welds can be seen under clear coat (simplest Viks classic frameset has been built from 60 separate pieces of stainless steel metal) RAW is really a timeless piece.


When we were prototyping GT frame shape, one of the prototypes was made from stainless steel, although we were sure that GT is going to be a aluminum alloy bike only. When one of our followers (who now owns the first Viks GT RAW ever made) asked us if RAW edition can be made with GT shape, it was clear that we have to execute and make it fast. That’s how Viks GT RAW edition was born into life.


As well we had a chance to celebrate the number 300 properly. 300 marks the total number of Viks frames/bikes made until summer 2017. Communication with our followers and future bike owner is most important for us. That is something we always encourage – to present their own vision and ideas how the bike should look like. That leads us to the fact that basically every bike that is rolling around the World, is different from others.


Besides new shape, swapping frame materials (from aluminum alloy to stainless steel), Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system and Paul Component Engineering Klamper disc brakes there is something more. We really wanted to use bike industry’s “hot stuff” WTB Horizon tires.These stouter tires that are actually in size 650b (47c) and require 27.5” rims (normally we are using 28”) forced us to change the frame a bit but give in return the ability to take you anywhere in urban environment – asphalt, cobblestones, gravel, park roads….you name it.


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