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VÉLOWLAND – new distributor for Viks bikes in Netherlands

The story of Velonia Bicycles and Dutch based Vélowland goes back to the beginning of year 2014, when three mates from Meppel bought a fast, Lamborghini-orange VIKS and transformed it even greater feast for the eyes by using woodgrain technique, a fascinating form of craftsmanship that is normally used to renovate monumental buildings. Viks WOODaLIKE was born.

Both us and Velowland were very enthusiastic about this first project and we wanted to have more. Our 2nd project Viks Copperhead was presented during urban bike show SPIN London 2015. Viks Copperhead and Velowland’s display stole the show – tons of photographers, TV interviews and constant explanations on how it’s possible to create bikes like these confirmed that.

Days spent side by side at Spin London made clear that besides great collaboration there’s more – from May 2015 guys from Velowland are a sole distributors of Viks bikes in Netherlands.