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Viks customs: Kristjan’s raw Viks

The first story in the series of handcrafted urban bikes and their owners is about one of the most practical and quite possibly the lightest steel Viks ever made.
Our story begins in a former Soviet underground parking lot – a place Kristjan calls „mancave“.
Kristjan Suvi works as a mechanic in a local bike shop, but when the workday is over, the mancave takes over – he turns on the music and starts building bikes. Customising his Viks to 12.1kg (26.6 lbs), at the same time keeping it practical has been a process we’ve closely followed.
Why did you choose Viks for your commuter bike?
At first I have to say that I wasn’t a commuter cyclist at all. Cycling has always been a sport for me, so commuting was quite a new area. I’ve had plenty of racing bikes before Viks, but no commuters among them, so this is the bike that took my virginity.
Working as a bicycle mechanic means long working hours and when you add racing at a national level to it, there is no free time left at all. I wanted to spend more time with my family & friends so I stopped racing a few years ago. The extra time and energy gave me an opportunity to ride when I want and just for fun – no training  schedules attached.
Why did I choose Viks? To be honest, it is because what comes to bikes I’m quite vain and I like things that are unique and slightly out of budget. Also, my life had been way too mainstream for quite a while and this needed to change. Viks gave me a great excuse to stand out form the crowd and show off some edginess on the streets.
Design bicycle 2
What do you like the most about Viks?
You should not be asking me that! It is Viks (in Estonian „gentlemanlike“). The name speaks for itself and the design confirms it. But firstly, and to be honest – it’s the simplicity. Simplicity that shines through from whichever angle you look at the bike.
Secondly, and importantly – it gets a lot of attention whether the onlookers like the bike or not. Every time some curious people come to ask about the bike, I can tell them a story about handcrafted Estonian bicycle called Viks.
Thirdly, the riding position is also perfect for my taste. It’s ideal if you get used to the sporty position – you can ride fast when you’re late to somewhere, but at the same time it’s comfortable enough to take a spin with your friends when there is no rush. With the regular city bike you can only go slow, but sometimes you might want to go fast :)
Why did you choose raw color?
But why not? Actually, it was Viks designer Indrek who suggested this, because no one had it at the time. It was a prototype (with series number 007) for Artisan Werks edition of Viks. At first I did not know what to think about it, but when I saw it, I knew it was for me.
There is something about this non-colour, that can’t be explained with words. You have to see it to understand. So far everyone who knows even a little bit about Viks, says that this “raw colour” is a perfect match for this design.
Design bicycle 9
Design bicycle 5
Design bicycle 8
Design bicycle 7
Design bicycle 3
Design bicycle 4
Design bicycle
Design bicycle 10
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