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Viks diaries #2: Berliner Fahrradschau

Long time, no see.

When we were at the Eurobike last year, our friend Nico from auftragsrad told us about another must-go event Berlin Bicycle Show which takes place during the Berlin Bicycle Week every spring. Because we love bikes, bike people and bratwurst, we thought it was a perfect event to participate before summer 2016.

So on the 17th of March we stepped on a plane and flew to Berlin.

The Berliner Fahrradschau was also the first event in the world where we planned to introduce Viks XXS, but before being able to show the bike in its full glory, we had to build it up first and for that we visited Nico’s shop auftragsrad.


The built up bike in it’s glory:


After building the bikes up, we headed to the exhibition area to build up the booth.

…but first some traditional slavic squats by Ailar20160318_101200

..and then building it up



The result was quite stunning:


and as always Viks gets attention:


Your grandpa likes the XXS:


…and even bicycle cops loved the bike:


But it wasn’t 100% work. We gave a visit to Gestalten bookshop with a bicycle exhibition for Velo 3rd Gear – the next edition of the book with Viks featured. We saw many bikes, each one crazier than other.


36“ bike is huge, Ailar next to it is 190cm (6’3“) tall:


The founder of Velonia‘s Viks urban bike Indrek standing next to his invention:


Then some happy posing, Nico from auftragsrad and Kristo the co-owner:


…and finally Velonia‘s team from left: Kristo, Indrek, Ailar. Only Tarmo, the welder was missing, he was left home to make sure that bikes and our new factory are getting ready!


At the Velothon booth you were able to win a Viks and get a free tattoo:



On Saturday night we also went to a event named RAD RACE. We entered a huge building – a cart racing hall with air thick from weed, excitement and bike coolness, and a fixie race going on, appropriately. If you want to know, what fixed gear is all about, go to RAD RACE next year, and you’ll be sure to find out. Meet the real fixie girls:



If you wonder what kept us going through these long days, the answers are here, pulled pork sandwich and radler:



Of course we did some goldsprints, Indrek was sprinting with Risto, Estonian living in Berlin:


And guess what, both guys landed in TOP10 and the winner was from Riga, so Baltic people are good at sprint:

It was lots of fun, thank you Nico and Sabine from auftragsrad for hosting us and see you again next year.

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