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Viks Reflective

You should be visible, when riding a bike. Especially during your evening or night rides. We put on reflective vests, an extra set of blinking lights and whatnot to be better seen at nighttime. It suggests itself that your own ride being a reflective device makes life easier and safer at the same time.

That’s where Berlin based company Happarel Bicycles comes into play. We met the guys during the grand opening of auftragsrad, a bike store of German distributor of Viks bikes and other cool brands out there and it felt just right.

Viks Reflective

Besides reflective stickers and merchandise (look at these T-shirts and cycling caps) they sell, Happarel Bicycles can give reflective makeover to your whole frameset. Prices for that kind of job starts from 840 EUR (VAT excluded). True, not cheap. But the final result kicks ass plus your lives are much, much more valuable.

You can find more from here: and give all your support to these revolutionaries of road safety for cyclists, because by German laws a reflective bike might be irritating to other road users and therefore is not street legal.