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Vikslife #1: Crime Passionnel

What do Viks and high quality perfumes have in common?
Viks has its steel touch and smell, but would nevertheless fit perfectly into any fragrance ad. Maybe one day we should have a Viks eau de toilette? One thing in Viks and perfumes do have in common – there is a fragrance shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, which sells high quality perfumes and every now and then, you could spot a red Viks in the shop.

This is a story about Domas Monk and Aivaras Stanevicius, two Lithuanian guys, who started a fragrance shop in Copenhagen. Meet Crime Passionnel.


What does Crime Passionnel mean?

A crime of passion, or crime passionnel, refers to a violent crime, especially murder, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of a sudden strong impulse such as rage rather than as a premeditated crime. The term relates closely to philosophical concept of Affect, states of mind and body related to feelings and emotions, of which there are three primary kinds: pleasure or joy, pain or sorrow and desire or appetite. Fragrance shop Crime Passionnel embodies the three creating a new sensation, unique world of mystic aromas.


When did you start Crime Passionnel?

We’ll have our first anniversary in the beginng of February during the Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Why did you decide to open a this business?

We always had the passion and deep interest in perfumery, which lead us to research niche perfume boutiques in Europe and worldwide. This is when we realised that Denmark has only mainstream perfume stores. It’s hard to disagree that it is rather upsetting for the Nordic fashion capital inhabitants to smell like someone’s ex, right? So we opened a first niche perfumery.

How did it start?

We like to call ourselves two “screws loose” – friends, who have rather unique taste for things in life, as well as the way we like to dress, smell, travel and explore the world.


Why did you decide to have a Viks in the shop?

The first reason was the extraordinary eye catching design, secondly, we also share the color red, which is the share of one Viks bike and a part of Crime Passionnel store interior. We also strive for novelty, have a bit of ‘hard to get’ attitude and share the excitement of being a newcomer.


Is having a Viks in the shop done any good for your business?

We keep Viks bike right in front of the boutique on the main walking street, it is hard to pass by without noticing the velo, or the Crime Passionnel bag hanging on the handlebar. Also, Viks fit perfectly into our communication campaign: people can see it in photos on our webpage, press releases and etc. Therefore, even people who aren’t that fussy about scents notice Viks and associate it with Crime Passionnel. Viks became a part of our unique image and we’re happy for it!