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Bike owners #1- Petri from Finland

In the bike owners series,  we will do interviews with different people who have bought Viks bike.
If you are one Viks owner and you have a story to share with us, don’t hesitate and write to Kristo.

Our series start in Finland.


As you grow older your Christmas list gets shorter, because the things you want, can’t be bought. Is that true? We are not 100% sure about that quote because you still can buy yourself a new bicycle. At least that is something the hero of our story did. He bought Viks.

Let’s go to Finland for a while. As you probably know our neighbor country has lot to do with Christmas and Santa Claus – the Man himself comes from there. But not only. We in Estonia aware that Finns are crazy. In a good way of course. We all know their World famous hockey players, ski jumpers, Formula 1 pilots and rally drivers. These men were able to stand out. Like the hero of the day  –  please meet Petri, a Viks rider from Finland, Kirkonummi, who has been enjoying the bicycle and putting it into test since August this year. Petri is true #viksikslife ambassador and Kristo had an opportunity to ask some questions from him. Not only about bike but in wider scale.


Kristo: Tell us a bit on who you are and what you love in life?

Petri: World is full of things that suit to your eye and are beautiful to watch – cars, guns, glass, furniture, nice houses and beautiful people for example. And bicycles. Some of those beautiful things are out of your reach, some of these are reachable and that’s a good reason to love life. I had dreams in my life that became reality and I have dreams that are still dreams. Like the big one: to own coffee shop. Good coffee, delicious bakery, my bike collection on the wall and myself behind the counter making cappuccinos and telling bike stories to people. But I have to wait for a while to make that dream to reality – there are so many roads and trails still to ride.


K: What do you do for a living?

P: I am working as a journalist since 1989. I have experience from newspaper, tv and radio. Now I work in Finnish national broadcasting company YLE. Soon it will be nine years since I started in YLE SUOMI. Oh boy  – time is flying!

K: We noticed from your social media feed that you really are an avid cyclist. Tell us a bit about your bikes and riding preferences.

P: At the moment I have four bikes: WHITE fat bike, SUP cyclocross bike, old road bike Crescent from year 1975  and customized Viks caferacer bike. I ride basically everywhere and throughout a year. I also visit different countries just for riding around. My list of countries is not so long yet, but I’ll do my best. This year I went biking to Azerbaijan and I have to say it was interesting trip. Probably the most memorable moment was 15 km long ride on a boulevard in Baku that went alongside Caspian sea.


K: Where do you normally  ride with Viks and what are your suggestion for leisure rides if someone comes to Finland?

P: Viks is a bicycle that wants to be seen. So you probably go places where many people can be found – Helsinki for example –  a lot of bike path, parks and attractions are at close proximity. I think the best trail for adventure rides is The Archipelago Trail, which starts in Turku and ends there. It is approximately 250 km of the route where you will see 12 bridges, nine ferries and many wonderful archipelago villages. There is also the option to do shorter routes.


K: Thanks for your advice. Archipelago trail is for sure on our sight now because it is close to us and we need to do some testing for Velonia adventure bikes this summer. But let’s talk about Viks now. How did you found Viks? Did you looking for something special or was something missing from your life?

P: I always search different stuff from in internet – bikes, parts, trips etc. Somehow I ended up visiting page. I decided that at some point I will buy such a bike. That happened quite soon.

K: How the whole process and communication went for you – choosing your parts, right color and other things? Were there any doubts for you before purchasing process?

P: Buying process was exciting. I ordered a bike that I didn’t had a chance to ride before. I have had the opportunity to do it by travelling to Tallinn, it is only a two-hour ferry trip from Helsinki, but for some reason I did not do that. I thought that if it is terrible to ride I will put it on the wall purely for design purpose. I don’t remember exactly how many emails I did sent, perhaps ten or so, but the process was easy. I didn’t know anything about single speed bikes so I asked all basic questions that needed to be asked. Waiting for the order was certainly a painJ Color was not difficult to choose since I was struggling only between two – orange and yellow. If you like to photograph a bike a lot as I do, you should choose a bright color which can be easily noticed and differs from background. If I should order a new Viks commuter, I probably choose something different, maybe gunmetal gray or wet black. I usually order all basic parts for my two wheelers, because I like to upgrade my bikes from time to time. It’s a fun thing to too.

K: What were your first emotions when you had Viks?

P: It was awesome to open two cardboard boxes in which the bicycle came. I was definitely delighted, Viks was looking even better in reality than in the pictures.


K: How the ride feels?

P: Viks is very fun to ride, it’s like sport bike, not road- or race bike. And it’s quite speedy. The riding position is sporty but not overly racing, so a long trip goes without worries.

K: What about the reactions of other people? Is there a funny story you can share with us?

P: Last summer I went many times to Helsinki with a train and rode from there back home –  it’s between 30 to 60 km distance depending on what route to use. Once in train a German couple was sitting opposite me. Every time when I turned my head to look from a window, they were taking pictures from my bicycle. I saw it from the windows reflection. Viks is a very social bicycle. On every trip someone comes to talk to me and ask something about the bike. If you do not want to get attention, do not buy Viks.


K: We noticed that you put Viks into tests really – you were chasing some high speeds and long distances – what numbers did you got?

P: Last summer I did three times more than 100 km and my top speed with Viks is 67 kmph. Unfortunately we don’t have good downhills here – Viks is so stable that it is not a problem to beat 70 kmph or more.


K: You have big plans for this summer – tell us more about it.

P: My plan is to do Midsummer bicycle event called Ratareisi with my Viks. It is a 24-hour endurance race on Alastaro racetrack – you have to do as many rounds as you can during that period.  Best of us will ride more than 540 km in 24 hours.

K: That is most certainly an ultimate test you are going to pervade and we want to hear about it for sure and share it with our fans. But let’s finish your story more on more down-to-earth mode –  what Viks gave to you? Is there something extra that you didn’t have in your life before?

P: Riding a single-speed bike is difficult to begin, but at the same time very developing. Your pedaling power is increasing with each trip and progress is really fast. And most certainly you look really cool with that bike.


K: Is there something encouraging you want to say to people who are about to have their Viks bike but still are in some sort of doubts?

P: Life is short and if you have fine idea, then it must be realized at once. Then you do not need to puzzle on why you didn’t bought Viks earlier.


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