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Bike owners #2 – Chris from Germany

Love for wheels. When thinking about Germans, first words that might come to your mind are: efficiency, disciplined, punctual, traditional, order, practical. Things like that. When sensible rules over emotions, it is not easy to explain why one has to buy a bicycle that may not be the most practical out there and stands above what we call mediocrity. Frightful, isn’t it? But times are changing and people understand “the thing” behind design bikes more and more. Even the Germans. We are really proud to have Nico and his Auftragsrad as a partner in this journey of changing the paradigm of cycling. Sometimes it’s ungrateful but still lot of fun.

But now, please meet Chris who carried his dream with him 2 long years before it was able for him to step on board of Vikslife. Kristo did the interview with the owner of Viks RAWflective.


Chris, tell us a bit on who you are and what you do? 

I’m 26 years old and I live in Erfurt, Germany. I´m a student at University of Applied Sciences and my major is logistic and trade. My bachelor’s degree is nearly done and at the moment I’m and intern at Daimler AG engine plant. I’m a skateboarder since 12 and I still love to shred. I had some successful years in my career as a skateboarder, so I used to skate a lot in different contests. At the same time I really love cars, motorbikes and bicycles – actually I love everything you could have a good ride with. I also like customizing – the art making good things even better. My car and my bobber bike are proofing it. And it’s a damn great feeling to have a nice ride and to see people staring at you. I guess my mission is to be as much individual as possible. That’s why I wanted to have Viks.


Love for cars, motorcycles and bikes often comes hand in hand as you proved. Is Viks your first bike or do you have earlier experience with bikes?

The Viks bike is not my first one – I got a mountain bike and a NS single speed bicycle .Viks is the only bike though which I take into my flat and put on the wall when not riding.



How did you found Viks? Did you looking for something or was something missing in your life? 

The first time I saw a Viks was in internet of course and I must say, it really did hit my face. I was totally stoked by the design and I told myself that someday I will be the owner of a bike like this. From that very moment something was missing in my life for sure and I was starting to move towards my goal.

You bought your bike from our distributor in Berlin, Auftragsrad. How the whole process and communication went for you? 

Yes, I got my bike from Auftragsrad in Berlin. It was a show bike that had been in Eurobike and Berlin Bicycle Week for example. Nico did send some videos to me of having the bike in his shop and I was so stoked. I made it to Berlin on the same day to grab this piece of art. So I ran into Nico’s showroom and straight onto the bike.


I’ve been with that bike on both events you mentioned and it truly is a showstopper. How the first ride felt?

It is really hard to explain. The first ride was very …. I don’t know … it was weird but awesome at the same time. For sure it felt special and different. It feels like a race bike to me but at the same time it is comfortable to ride. Just crazy…

You have pretty special bike in terms of finish of our frameset – it’s reflective and that treatment is made by our friends from Happarel Bicycles, as well from Berlin. What about the reactions of other people or even car drivers? Is there a story you can share with us?

People always act kind of surprised when noticing the bike. 90% of them starting a conversation with me because they want to know facts about the weight or even if it is selfmade. Most times they take pictures and when I tell them to use the flash light, they´re even more impressed because of the makeover the bike has – suddenly the color of the bike changes from steel grey to gold and makes the people feel confused. Once I took my Viks bike to a car-meeting and the reaction were amazing. Many people came to me and took pictures of my BMW and Viks. I felt very proud and happy. Combination of two such very unique vehicles really worked.



Where do you normally ride Viks?

Only on sunny days – that’s the best time to take out this lovely bicycle. I’m not really into Berlin, so I prefer to ride between parks, lakes and rivers in Eisen, where I live, or for example in Hamburg’s beautiful HafenCity. Every time I ride this bike, I feel very happy, especially when I’m out with my friends and enjoying a good ride together.


What Viks gave to you? Is there something extra that you didn’t have in your life before?

Viks gives me the same feeling my other projects and “toys” are giving me. It is a unique feeling to ride something unusual. It’s all about happiness and the fact, that you can own such toys because you dreamed and worked for it. As a student I waited for 2 years to save enough money to afford this bike. That’s why I am always proud and thankful.

Is there something encouraging you want to say to people who are about to have their Viks bike but still are in some sort of doubts? We talked about riding characteristics and attention, are there something else you want to point out?

First of all – it’s a wonderful design item, a nice furniture when in your living room. To have a special bike like this in your home makes the whole apartment magical. And second – it’s just an amazing piece of art that is perfectly manufactured which makes every single penny well spent! The frameset and welding work is made with love – sometimes I’m staring Viks on the wall for hours. That’s a feeling I´d like to share with not-yet-viks-owners!


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