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Chasing the sun in submarine factory

Teamwork is our second name.
We just love it because all the fun and new ideas for the future.
This time we took good old Viks WOODaLIKE, a bike that marks the beginning of our collaboration with Viks distributor in Benelux countries – Velowland, some old friends and new ones and went to discover the fascinating scenery of Port Noblessner, old submarine factory and mine harbour by the Gulf of Tallinn. Once again a historical place that is in the wind of change and will be very different soon.  

The history of the port dates back to 1912, when Alfred Nobel’s nephew Emanuel Nobel and a torpedo manufacturer by the name of Lessner established a submarine plant on the site to serve the navy of the Russian Tsar. All photos below were taken in Valukoda (foundry), one of the largest historical industrial buildings in Noblessner port which is also unique in entire Nordic region for its uncommon excels, in extraordinary acoustics and valued by its industrial architecture. Really worth of visiting.

It was sort of mixture of cold, sun and mist in this early April morning that turned these huge premises even more magical. Come check it out yourself.

1 Magnus Heinmets

Viks WOODaLIKE by Velowland back at home ground and looks stunning. Sun’s out too. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

2 Magnus Heinmets

Slav squats (well, at least one proper) and Nordic design. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

3 Magnus Heinmets

Waiting for the sun to come down. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

4 marekmetslaid

Drawers. Lots of drawers on office side of foundry and practical “Lund” backpack from Photo: Marek Metslaid

5 Magnus Heinmets

Should I stay or should I enter (featuring long cardigan from Woolish and laptop sleeve “Bodem” again from miDeer. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

6 marekmetslaid

Hours by the window.  Photo: Marek Metslaid

7 marekmetslaid

You. Photo: Marek Metslaid

8 Magnus Heinmets

Oil tank reflection. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

9 marekmetslaid

Showing the most comfortable way of carrying Viks on stairs. Photo: Marek Metslaid

10 Magnus Heinmets

Participating brands – miDeer, Woolish and Viks packed for detail rich closeup.  All Estonian made, all hand crafted. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

11 marekmetslaid

All the boys were found from restaurant and store SFÄÄR and the girls is put out by miDeer. Photo: Marek Metslaid

12 Magnus Heinmets

One proper Pelago commercial accompanying felt made bike briefcase “Holm”. Suitable for carrying your laptop and documents. Can be attached to bike frame. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

13 Magnus Heinmets

Let’s play “I’m looking something from my backpack but dunno what it is” game. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

14 Magnus Heinmets

Beautiful everything. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

15 Magnus Heinmets

Teamwork always pays off. Photo: Magnus Heinmets

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On board with us this time:

Marek Metslaid Photography
Magnus Heinmets Multimedia
Felt accessories miDeer
Knittings: Woolish
Urban cruiser PELAGO Bristol from JOOKS Rattastuudio 
Models Karin Kallisma; Sten Jõgi; Henri Vares; William Sarevet; Ron Mamers
MUAH Make up by Kadri.Katariina