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How to choose right size?

Bike measurement table
Recommended sizes*
Bike size recomended table

*If you fall in the category of being shorter than 167cm of taller than 195 or if you are unsure what size fits you best, don’t hesitate to contact us at

How to choose color?

Viks frames are powdercoated with RAL colors.  There are many RAL charts available online, but as always, shades and toes can vary on different screens. Most of the colors we’ve done are up on the gallery, to give you some ideas, but we suggest finding a physical RAL color chart just to be sure you get the exact tone you desire. If you cant find your tone in the shops color selection, don’t worry, write us at and we can look for the exact finish you are after.

What is the price of the Viks bike?

The price is depending on the spec list. Use the configurator and if that is not enough do not tend to send us an e-mail and ask for a custom bike!

How much is the shipping cost?

From 35 EUR to 150 EUR depending on your exact location.

Why is there a lead time and how long is it?

All Viks bicycles/frames are hand made to order. Frameset can be built within two to four weeks, it takes about a week or two to build the bicycle and ship it. Timeframe can change if there is a great demand and that is why we always specify the time when placing an order. As well we are encouraging you to make early reservation to our production schedule – no matter when (could be in June, October, December or different) you want to have your bike. It can minimize production time of your bike big time.

What colors are available?

We can paint almost in any RAL color (that means most of the colors you can imagine). For RAL colors pleas check Effects like flakes, texture etc. are also available on demand.

What about the color of the parts?

We try to match parts based on the color of the frame. Wheels either black or silver. Same for cranks and seatpost. Custom options are available, do ask!

What type of paint do you use?

All Viks frames are powdercoated.

How much does a Viks frame weigh?

In the largest size (L) a bit under 7kg (including fork, headset and seatclamp).

How much does a complete bike weigh?

In the largest size (L) with the standard coaster brake wheelset is around 14kg.

Is there rider a weight limit?


What size should I get?

S is good for rider under 5.8 ft/ 176 cm, M is good for 5.8-6.14 ft/177-187 cm rider, L 6.14 ft/187 cm and up. If you are not sure, measure your inseam as well and drop us an e-mail.

I am really short or really tall, can I ride?

Yes, no problem, we’ll make a custom size frame for you.

What size wheels do Viks use?

Standar Viks wears 700c wheels. It’s is possbile to order 26″ Viks, just send us an e-mail!

Can Viks frame accommodate a belt drive?

Yes, we can use Gates Carbon belt drive.

Can brakes be installed?

Basic model comes with a coaster brake. But we have different options, front rim or disc brake or disc brakes both front and rear.

What is the rear spacing of Viks frame?

110 (coaster brake), 120 (fixed gear and Sram Automatix) or 130mm (Shimano Alfine) depending on the wheelset.

What gearing is used?

By default we use 46T at the front. With coaster rear hub we use 19T and with fixed gear 17T. For belt drive that is 50T at the front and 22T at the back.

Can I have fixed gear Viks?

Yes, we do offer a fixed gear version, just write to us.