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Simple Session Viks went to Garrett Reynolds

As some of you might already noticed, we recently built a custom white-red-black Viks bike, which had few hundred “SIMPLE SESSION” logos on it. We promised to make a blog out of it and we like to keep our promises, so here it is!

The idea to make a bike for the world’s biggest BMX&Skateboarding event taking place in our home country got into our heads before Simple Session 2016, but there wasn’t enough time to make the bike for Simple Session 2016, so we went for 2017.


Simple Session 2017 taking place in Tallinn, Estonia.

The idea was simple, we built a custom one-of-a-kind Simple Session bike for the winner BMX Street category. As usual, we started with some sketches, and this was the result:


If you are doing a paintjob like this, it has to be wetpaint, powdercoat isn’t possible.


We decided to go for Viks GT, to make the bad boy as light as possible, without breaking the budget.


The frame before getting welded together.


Wetpaint means much more sanding than usual. But it was worth it.


Yes, even every sticker was attached by hands.


This is how it looked before black paint.


Black coat drying, now hell of a lot of stickers to remove.


Sticker-by-sticker, knife and two hands and they all were removed. Now coating to go.


The final result posing in the Simple Session 2017 skatepark. Photo by Artur Sadovski.


So who won the bike? The legend Garrett Reynolds himself.


Garrett giving the bike some air time…

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