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Viks GT Merc

The Viks GT Merc

We love to make custom projects, especially when Vélowland is involved. Together with Vélowland we create the most extraordinary custom bikes ever seen. Vélowland is a Dutch design agency specialized in bicycles. They relate to Viks as AMG relates to Mercedes or Pininfarina to Italian sports cars. The most recent Vélowland-Viks project is the “Viks GT Merc inspired”. This dazzling bike was especially made for Cycling World in Düsseldorf.

In the picture you see the supersonic inspiration of this aluminium Viks GT. The colour, matt silver, is identical to this beautiful concept Mercedes racer:


High quality leather Brooks grips and saddle are corresponding with the interior. The tri-spoke magnesium wheels belonged to a 90s NOS Mercedes Benz bike and the disk brakes support the sensation of the muscle car. A restored three-armed Campagnolo crank set fits the design perfectly. One of the most special features is the H2O foil-dipping of the head and saddle tube. It refers to the dashboards of expensive cars.

Knowing that this special Viks has a big muscular Mercedes brother is interesting, but maybe you like a Porsche or Ferrari even more… please contact us, since Vélowland and Viks always enjoy new challenges!

This bike is also for sale, or if you want a custom, it’s also possible, just contact us!