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Three V-s discovered Dusseldorf

It doesn’t happen very often that three V-s come together, but for one nice spring weekend in Dusseldorf it did happen. Cyclingworld Dusseldorf brought us together. If you wonder what those three V-s stand for then:

V like Velonia – the brand behind iconic Viks and Viks GT bicycles handcrafted in Estonia.

V like Velowland – the brand that makes good things even better. The AMG of Viks bikes.

V like Velocaine – probably the biggest bicycle related Instagram account in the internet. Plenty of hot girls & bikes.

We found out that Dusseldorf is a really beautiful city located in West-Germany, on the watersides of huge Rhine river. We enjoyed the show and went around town.

Starting off with Viks RAW customized by Velowland. The RAW coating shows well how many hours of work goes into one of our handmade frames. You can see every weld that has been done in order to put 60 pieces of steel together, to build this classic Viks.

show-03 show-03-3 show-03-4

Also notice the front brake, which is a custom version of very iconic racing brake. Can you guess the brand?


Let’s continue with this black-on-black Viks built by our German distributor auftragsrad. If you are in Berlin, this is your destination for awesome custom bicycles.


The weekend did end super well for one fellow, who decided to join the #viksbike community by buying this black beauty. Happy kilometres brother!


There were also other cool brands in our booth. Meet Krupisvello, a handcrafted bicycle from Latvia.


The ROD cycles frames are handcrafted in Paraguay by 23 year old guy. Props for the nice looking frame.


The star of the show was definitely Mercedes-Benz inspired Viks GT customized by Velowland crew.


During our visit to Media Port Dusseldorf, we also saw a car that inspired Viks designer Indrek Narusk to make Viks GT.


Everyone loves the GT, it’s bad ass, it’s light and as always, you can have it as you want – the pleasure of taylor made bicycles.


The first custom Viks GT by Velowland weren’t left out from the list of bikes we had at the booth either.

show-03-36 show-03-37 show-03-38

The show was a real success for us. Viks GT was awarded with the “Best Urban Bike of 2017” award. We gave the honour to accept the prize to our distributors auftragsrad and Velowland.


Also, take a notice that out of 4 award winning bikes, 2 were from Estonia – us Viks and Ampler! Just Estonishing!


We sure were happy:


In the end it was time to bring the members of our booth together for a group picture. Awesome brands – Viks, auftragsrad, Velowland and Fahrer.


To conclude, here is some interior design advice from our Dutch friend Sjoerd from Velowland:


All the bikes you saw are for sale, or if you want a custom, it’s also possible, just contact us!

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Photos: Velocaine
Model: Ginger Honey