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Viks inspired by G-Star

This spring brought Viks German reseller Auftragsrad and G-Star together to process an idea of creating a unique city bike for G-Star retail shops. After a couple of talks and presentations from Auftragsrad’s Nico, G-Star jumped on board and Viks G-star inspired bicycle was born.
g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 7
The saddle and the grips are handmade in Berlin and from the most popular G-Star jeans – Type-C. The anodized-like blue/black paintjob is inspired by the latest G-Star collection. If you are imagining another version of a fixed gear bike, imagine again – G-Star Viks is using the Sturmey Archer’s Kick Shift two-speed rear hub which is a perfect match for an ultimate urban bike. Design bike features a unique grip tape Motopedals with silver flakes.
g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 2g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 4g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 11
This is a super limited edition bike. In collaboration with the G-Star retail BZ (Berlin) there will be only five G-Star urban bikes ever made. Check out the official hashtag #G1von5 for photos.
g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 10
The price of the bike is also very special: 3.301 EUR – all G-Star clothes use those numbers in their serial number.
g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 5g-star viks by auftragsrad G1_5 8
If you’d love to own one, then there is a reason to hurry! You can order the bike through auftragsrad in Berlin or by sending an e-mail to