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Viks motorcycle concept

From cafe racer motorcycle to Viks bicycle to motorcycle? Yes, that is possible.

As many of you probably know, the main inspiration for Viks bicycle frame came from classic cafe racer style motorbikes, Viks has even named pedal powered version of it. So why not to design a motorcycle and use a frameset of Viks bicycle as source of inspiration?

That’s exactly what Marco Basile, a 3rd year student from Torino based Italian University for Design (IAAD – Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design) decided to do.

cafe result-1-min

He got excited about this idea and asked us, if it’s okay to use our design to create a motorcycle (what a true gentleman). Because we are fans of out of the box design, we wished Marco good luck, and looked forward what comes out of this project.

Marco says he has two passions – cycling and drawing and he has been trying to blend those together.

For Marco it all began in very recognizable way – if you can’t afford a bike, you have to build one – that’s how Marco’s first fixed gear bike was born. That was the reason to dig deeper into the world of bespoke bikes and then Viks commuter came into play.

cruiser result-2-min

cruiser result-1-min

„When I saw Viks bicycle, it was love from the first sight…union of two frames, their continuity featuring harmonious curves and bold lines, but still very minimalist. And the fact of  Viks being inspired by motorbike…that was touching.“

Timing was perfect. As Marco set his focus on car and motorcycle design, one of his tasks was to develop a cruiser motorcycle as a 5 week project. Now it was time for Viks to step up. Marco’s idea was to highlight the frame, not to hide it as it is usually done with motorcycles.


Marco told: „Finally I found myself doing what I loved as a child…I really feel that I’m passionately and emotionally involved here…“

It has been an exciting project for both Marco and us. Marco, who is such a cool guy is really grateful to all the people who reacted to our Facebook post about his project. If you have objective comments on how to develop the project further, we’re sure that Marco is going to be a really good and thankful listener.


Keep your eyes on him, looks like he’ll be a promosing designer! And he’s planning to have a Viks bike for upcoming season too☺

3-4 front 3D-min